Friday, January 7, 2011

"Heartbreak Harry"

Had lotsa silly fun making Heartbreak Harry! He will make his romantic debut on Pfatt Markeplace on January 9th!

UPDATE: Poor love lost Harry! His Ebay auction will end Sunday night, January 23rd.

Here is his link: (My Ebay info is waaaay down at the bottom of my blog.) So sorry about the cut and paste!

I have been working on soooo many new inventions! Can't wait to show ya!

Heartbreak Harry has found love at last!!!! ****SOLD****


MJ Lamper said...

Another masterpiece. You have a terrific imagination. My grandfather's name was Harry "William" actually, but everyone called him Harry. It brings back fond memories of my childhood.

Confounded Concoctions said...

Thank you so much Marcy!

I loved my grand dad too!

LADY JANE said...

Adorable...just found your bloggie! Can hardly wait to peek around! Thanks!

Confounded Concoctions said...

Hello Jane!

So glad that ya found me! This little guy is now on Ebay.

Love your antiques!

Sara Lechner said...

your dolls are so perfect!

Confounded Concoctions said...


Thank you so much for your kindness!! Your embellished pieces are nothing short of amazing!! Beautiful work!