Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here is a glimpse of a few new characters from the Confounded Studio! These were offered at TDIPT Merc this month and have since sold. There are more Concoctions to come though!

GREAT NEWS!! Three of my Santa ornaments are in the Gallery section of the Fall issue of Prims Magazine out Oct. 1st.

I have seen it, and they did a great job. I even got a shot in the table of contents!

Coming out November 1st is the Winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly. They have done a feature article on some glorious angels that I submitted to them awhile back. I could not be more thrilled!

These are fabulous publications featuring so many great artists, with how to's and personal stories. You can find them at any Barnes and Noble Booksellers.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

You should be so proud. I love those Santa's and always amired your work. It is great to see you in the "Prims" mag. You do wonderful work. I wanted to check those guys out when I got finished reading Prims and hope you do well from the exposure. God bless. Cathy

Confounded Concoctions said...

Thank you so much Cathy!

Believe me, I feel so honored to be in there!

I will be offering them for sale when they send them back.

I also have a feature article in Art Doll Quarterly, Winter Issue 2011 which comes out November 1st.

It is amazing how God totally orchestrated both of those things and gave me the go ahead to move in a different direction in my life.

Thank you again for your well wishes!


WindandHoney said...

I love your work. Your imagination is delightful and I love how you bring in the elements of every day life.

Confounded Concoctions said...


I am totally honored that you like my work. I just went to your blog and website and am so amazed at your work! (Love your son's dog too!)

Many thanks and a Happy New Year!