Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love is in the Air

I have been working on some new mediums and trying some mixed media paintings. These are both available on my Ebay auctions!
Chocolate Love and Love Is In The Air have both been sold.


Kathy's Prims said...

I love these Annette!!! Just adorable!

Confounded Concoctions said...

Thanks Kathy!

I really enjoyed doing them. They were very relaxing to do.

You should try some. You are such a good artist that you would do well.

Thanks for the comment sweets!


vintagepaletteart said...

Annette! I love your painting! See...............I 've always told you that you could paint girlfriend!

I miss ya..........wish you were coming to pfatt fest..........=o(

Hugs! *Nana

Confounded Concoctions said...

Oh Lori, thank you! I don't know about the being able to paint, but... I want to try to come up with something original for the next one I experiment around with.

I tell ya, I had to quit reading the pfatt pfest threads because it made me sad that I am not able to go.

We have made such progress financially that I cannot cut into it now. So sad because Napa is so 8 hour plane trip. But what a trip it was. Sitting with Crusty and Sandy!